HoverCross is a Virtual Reality Skating Experience. The player stands on a real board that virtually goes down a street. The steering is done as in reality by tilting the board. In the smallest space this installation offers a real experience!

Let’s connect the digital with the physical again. This time…first time in Virtual Reality! You don’t have enough space in your exhebition booth, your store or your private room to drive your board? We have created a downhill experience that will stay in your mind. Standing on a real board you can choose out of different tracks you want to go down. The game is controlled by tilting the board to steer and moving your arm to change the speed. A high score system tracks the best players.

If you have interest in exhibiting the game at your place, booth or store, contact us. The game can be easily adjusted to a your brand with custom board and ingame logos.

Involved Persons
Kajetan von Hollen – Game Concept & Design, Programming, 3D-Art, Hardware

Tabea Bratzke – Game Design

Findan von Hollen – Hardware

Torge Werner – booth supervision

Soft- und Hardware Unity3D, Arduino, Blender, HTC Vive

Date Antumn 2019