Gamerize It

We create individual designed gaming experiences around your selected subject. This subject can be for example a product you are offering, a theme you would like to present or the topic of an exhibition.

Game Stations

  • Touch-Screen-Table Instalations
  • Custom Arcade Stations
  • PC-Games
  • etc.

Mobile Apps

  • Augmented Reality Experience
  • Location-Based Infotainment Systems
  • Casual Games
  • etc.

VR & AR Games and Experiences

  • Infotainment Systems
  • Product-Presentation
  • Visual Experiences
  • etc.

The experience can be used for upgrading your external or internal representation of your company, presenting information in an exciting new way, address new target groups and a lot more.

They can be presented at a variety of events like fairs, exhibitions, conferences, public places or the next Anniversary or Christmas party.

Two examples

Your booth at a fair does not attract a lot of visitors?

Try an arcade game station running a creative game only designed for you. The visitor can casually enter your booth and the game can give first information about your company.

You want to make an exhibition more appealing to younger visitors?

Consider a touch-screen-table-installation displaying a game or infotainment program created for your exhibition. Also an Augmented Reality App could give the visitor new insightes in the world you are presenting. A lot of people can access information way better in a playful manner. Also means it does not have to be a digital product, also an analog game can be a good choice.

Together we will go through the hole process of the development: From creating the concept over building the first prototype to the final experience!

And it does not matter, if you only have a theme, a product or a vague idea, a concept or already a first prototype, we are flexible with the starting point of our collaboration.