Spacion is a competitive casual strategy game for a touch-screen-table. Two to four players are fighting in different modes for dominance in space. In rounds between ten and twenty minutes the players build up a spacestation. This Station consits of different modules. The overall structure of the space station is key for having a chance for victory, because the availability of new modules always depends on the neighbouring modules.

An innovative, well-balanced combat system provides suspense in the final stages of each round. Building and sending off spaceships and building defensive towers creates a dynamic interaction between the players.

Involved Persons

Kajetan von Hollen – Game Concept & Design, Programming, UI

Erik Masson – 3D-Art, Animation, Game Design

Soft- und Hardware Unity3D, Blender, Adobe Illustrator

Context Seminar “Practical Project” at Harz University of Applied Sciences

Date Summer 2019