Fly a bat through a cave with having only a limited field of view. Push the button to let the bat do a flap. An ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to your hand to control your field of view.

BatSight is a game installation running an endless sidescroller. The player flies a small bat through a self gererating cave. The field of view is limited to a circular stripe. The player can change the radius of the field of view to see obstacles in time. The goal is to beat the high score which is calculated on how far the player gets. Collecting cristals gives some extra points.

The game is controlled via a pushbutton and an ultrasonic sensor which are connected to an Arduino. Pushing the button makes the bat do a flap. The interresting part is the field of view. It is very limited and can be controlled by moving the hand in the box. The circular stripe expands the further the hand is away. The player then sees the obstacles further down the cave but can not see what is directly in front of the bat. And the other way around. The position of the hand in the box is mesured with an ultrasonic sensor. Like a real bat the player oriantates (indirectly) with sonic waves 🙂

Involved Persons
Tabea Bratzke – Game Concept, 3D- and 2D-Art, Hardware

Kajetan von Hollen – Programming, Hardware, Mobile-Port

Soft- und Hardware Unity3D, Arduino, Blender, Adobe Illustrator

Date Autumn 2018