Bottled Ant

Experience a fast-paced game, turn to victory! Use your smartphone differently!

“Experience a special game by using your smartphone differently!
Explore exciting worlds and solve interesting puzzles. In this game we have created exciting worlds in bottles. Turn the bottle (your smartphone) to clear the way for your ant to escape from the bottle, collecting as many sugar cubes as possible. As a reward, exciting new levels and many costumes for your ant are waiting for you.

Bottled Ant is a project developed by students of Harz University of Apllied Science. The team consists of seven people who found each other during a course. The development become ambitious and so we do not want to withhold our game from you!” (Google Play Entry)

We from Foxed-Art were responsible for the coding part, the work made in Unity3D (everything exept the level design) and the creation of the UI-elements.

Involved Persons

Tabea Bratzke – Game Design, UI-Design, UI-Art, 3D-Art (Menu)
Kajetan von Hollen – Programming, Technical Artist

André Schliecker – Game Design, Level Design, Environment Artist
Lea Faulstich – VFX-Art, Texture-Art
Erik Masson – Character: 3D-Art, Texture, Animation, Texture-Art, Customization
Robin Ritter – Sound, 3D-Art (Environment)
Maria Mendat – Projectmanagement, UX-Design

Soft- und Hardware Unity3D, Blender & Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Trello, Discord & gitHub

Date April 2018 – June 2019

Context Seminar “Game Studio” at Harz University of Applied Sciences

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