Play Spacion! A two player Online Multiplayer


Spacion is a competitive casual strategy game for two to four players. The players are fighting for dominance in space. In rounds between ten and twenty minutes the players build up a spacestation. This Station consits of different modules. The overall structure of the space station is key for having a chance for victory, because the availability of new modules always depends on the neighbouring modules.

Download the Game

The demo is available for Windows here.
It is a demo, so there are quite a few bugs in there 😉
Because it is a free Server-Plan only 20 players can connect simultaneously to the game. If you can’t connect, wait a little and try again.

How to Play

Download and Start
1. Read this section
2. Download from above
3. Extract the folder
4. Start ‘Spacion.exe’

Create or Join a Session
1. Enter a NickName
2. a) Create a new Room
b) Select a room from the List and join it
3. The person created the room can start the game, when two players joined the room.

Play the Game
That’s a bit more complex 🙂

The goal is to fulfill the conditions displayed on the bottom. A certain number of modules and ships must be build faster than the opponent, to win the game.
Build modules by dragging them from your inventory to the playing field.
To build modules and ships you need energy. Collect energy by clicking the energy-balls on the field. Energy is produced my Solar- and Fusionmodules.
To get new modules, click the module-balls, that spawn out of already build modules. They appear in your inventory.
Which module-balls are spawning depends on the combination of adjacent modules on the field.
Ships can only be placed around a shipdock-module.
To start a ship, drag it in the direction it shall fly and attack. It will fly and attack by its own, you can only influence the starting direction. Starting a ship or powering defense-modules costs energy per start or shoot.
Look up all combinations of modules and there effects in the info-screen.