Home of Choices

Define your style of life by collecting different “life choices” Life is made up of choices. These decisions define our personality. Our personality contributes to our lifestyle. Is it important to you to have a lot of money and to live in wealth? Do you want to be happy with your family or do you […]


The gameprototype CoinHunt is a short lasting Online-Multiplayer-First-Person-Runner. The player has to collect a predetermined number of coins in a randomly generated level before the other players do so. Involved Persons Kajetan von Hollen Hard- and Software Unity3D, Blender Date Summer 2018 Context Seminar “Gameprogramming” at Harz University of Applied Sciences

BatSight (App)

Fly a little bat trough a cave while only having a very limited field of view. BatSight is a sidescroller where you fly a little bat through a cave. By tapping the screen the bat makes a flap, afterwards it glides down. Your view of the cave is limited to a small circular field of […]

Bottled Ant

Experience a fast-paced game, turn to victory! Use your smartphone differently! “Experience a special game by using your smartphone differently! Explore exciting worlds and solve interesting puzzles. In this game we have created exciting worlds in bottles. Turn the bottle (your smartphone) to clear the way for your ant to escape from the bottle, collecting […]


Fly a bat through a cave with having only a limited field of view. Push the button to let the bat do a flap. An ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to your hand to control your field of view. BatSight is a game installation running an endless sidescroller. The player flies a small bat through […]

Multitasking Geometrics

Multitasking Geometrics is a fast-paced platformer where the player must use skill and speed to control up to three characters simultaneously. In nine levels, that gradually explain the game controls and increase in difficulty, the characters evade obstacles. This can happen on the one hand with the mouse control, which uses the three mouse buttons […]


Spacion is a competitive casual strategy game for a touch-screen-table. Two to four players are fighting in different modes for dominance in space. In rounds between ten and twenty minutes the players build up a spacestation. This Station consits of different modules. The overall structure of the space station is key for having a chance […]


HoverCross is a Virtual Reality Skating Experience. The player stands on a real board that virtually goes down a street. The steering is done as in reality by tilting the board. In the smallest space this installation offers a real experience! Let’s connect the digital with the physical again. This time…first time in Virtual Reality! […]

“Ab ins Meer” – Development of the two digital Gamestations

For the exhibition “Ab ins Meer” we developed two digital games for multi-touch-tables. Both games are designed for up to six players playing in two teams. The players should learn in a playfull and fun way about the biodiversity, life dependencies and human made problems in our seas. Involved Persons Kajetan von Hollen – Game […]