Project-TD (Prototype-Stage)

Project-TD is a Towerdefence game for Virtuel Reality. Next to the simple controls fpr VR it offers multiple new features to the genre of Towerdefence games. The game-world is placed on the inside of a cube, that rsults in an immersive, in-the-game feeling for the player. Resources are not like used to gathered by killing enemies but you can grind these from them. But be careful, the more resources you take the stronger the individual enemies get. The player has to find a balance while playing. The defence towers are modular, means the player can combine a base, a turret and a projectile to create their individual towers.

Involved Persons
Kajetan von Hollen – Game Concept & Design, 3D-Art

Linus Seidler – Programming, Game Design

Soft- und Hardware Unity3D, HTC Vive

Date Winter 2019