Multitasking Geometrics

Multitasking Geometrics is a fast-paced platformer where the player must use skill and speed to control up to three characters simultaneously.

In nine levels, that gradually explain the game controls and increase in difficulty, the characters evade obstacles. This can happen on the one hand with the mouse control, which uses the three mouse buttons and the scroll wheel, or with the Multitasking Geometrics controller. The Multitasking Geometrics controller picks up on the elements of the game and inspires with a completely individual gaming experience.

Multitasking Geometrics goes “Extra Fluffy”

For an event, we have adjusted the graphics of the game. The theme of the event was “extra fluffy” and thats how the game should be too. Therefore, the geometric shapes of the obstacles and the character were exchanged against fluffy forms and little fluffy monsters. Also the controller has wrapped himself extra for this event in a fluffy robe.

If you are looking for a game suitable for an event or theme, don’t hesitate to contact us. We develop the just right game with and for you.

Involved Persons
Tabea Bratzke – Game Concept, Programming, 2D-Art, Hardware

Involved Persons (Extra Flauschig Edition)
Kajetan von Hollen – Graphics

Erik Masson – Character Animation

Soft- und Hardware Unity3D, Arduino, Blender, Adobe Illustrator

Date Summer 2019