BatSight (App)

Fly a little bat trough a cave while only having a very limited field of view.

BatSight is a sidescroller where you fly a little bat through a cave. By tapping the screen the bat makes a flap, afterwards it glides down. Your view of the cave is limited to a small circular field of view. By using a slider you can change your field of view to see the obstacles in time. Collecting nice shiny cristals can help you to buy a revive and get even further. You can compare your high scores in global leaderboards or share it on Twitter directly from the app! #BatSight

BatSight is our fist game we pubished. We decided to make an exteded version of the insallation of BatSight, because the audience it quite limited when only working with installations. Even if the game is played in a completly other way on a smartphone than with a hardware button and an ultrasonic sensor instead of a UI-Slider, it is still a fun challenge. The limitation of the field of view is a unique mechanic that challenges the player in a new way. Coordination both hands with different movements is also unusual and is harder than most people think. Check it out on Google Play! We are happy to hear what you think 🙂

Involved Persons Tabea Bratzke – Game Concept, 3D- and 2D-Art
Kajetan von Hollen – Programming, Level Design
Software Unity3D, Blender
Date Autumn 2018

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